Benefits of dental implants and how they are performed

Dental implants which are the use of artificial roots of pure titanium metal is the most similar process of natural teeth. to a large extent, where the person can eat. speak easily, in addition to its natural form.
There are many questions about dental implants before you go to the dentist. In this article, you will find out about the benefits of dental implants. how to make dental implants, and how to make use of them.

Benefits of dental implants:

Prevent and maintain bone atrophy in the place of the lost tooth.
Preserve the remaining natural teeth and keep them safe, how? In the process of dental implants. the doctor can replace the root of the tooth and the crown without sculpture. and cultivate a new age instead of the process of the sculpture of healthy teeth surrounding the missing age. You have fixed teeth such as natural teeth.
Restore your self-confidence, which gives you a normal life. It helps you to fasten your teeth effectively.


How dental implants are performed

The first stage : is to prepare the appropriate place for planting by placing .the implants made of pure titanium metal in the jawbone, where the tooth is lost.

The second stage: the healing of the bone of the jaw and the implant. and this is called bone marrow. and this process takes six months for the upper jaw. and three months for the lower jaw.
Stage 3: The final composition of dental implants. This stage includes a number of sessions. to make the final composition of the oral prints and experimentation. for the final fixation.

Contraindications to dental implants:

The person always wonders: Does this process suit me? Is there anything that prevents me from doing it? So, you know with us what are the obstacles that prevent you from doing this?

The presence of serious diseases affecting the healing of the bone and gums. such as Advanced cases of immunodeficiency diseases. and bone or blood disorders.

High fluctuation of blood sugar level, or exposure to high doses of therapeutic radiation.

Some cases are relatively affected by the success of the process. such as smoking. neglect of oral health care by the patient. and remains the doctor the only person who determines the validity of you or not.