Dental care methods and a set of tips for maintaining teeth


Dental care methods and a set of tips for maintaining teeth

The teeth are solid bones in the form of small pieces, immersed in a frame of flesh called the gums, which are arranged properly in human decomposition, and the teeth exist in animals and have almost the same structure almost, and grow teeth in two stages, at the beginning of human life grow teeth Which are experienced by falling after a certain age to grow permanent teeth, and teeth have great benefits [general] In order to maintain the health and integrity of teeth there are many things that must be retained for dental care and most important what will be presented in this article.

Dental care methods:
1. Clean your teeth after each meal

The ideal situation is to clean your teeth three times a day: after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But if you do this at very close intervals, you may damage the tooth enamel that becomes softer in the acidic environment produced in the mouth when we eat. If you have to wait 30 to 60 minutes after each meal. The tooth enamel, also called enamel, protects the tooth layer from damage, and although enamel is the most compressed tissue in the body, it can still be damaged by continuous exposure to acid produced in the mouth while eating.

2. Forget to use dental floss and mouthwash

Brush cleaning is indisputable, but it is not enough. Because when brushing our teeth we get only 25% of the oral cavity. To ensure full oral hygiene, use a sterile Listerine® oral lotion every day and twice daily after brushing our teeth. This is because mouthwash reaches 100% of your mouth, and eliminates bacteria and germs. In addition, sterile mouthwash helps to prevent gum infections and rejuvenates the smell of the mouth. The use of dental floss also helps to care for the health of the gums by cleaning between the teeth and under the gum line.

tips for maintaining teeth

• Brush and putty three times a day, especially after eating and before sleeping
• Eat foods rich in calcium such as milk derivatives and some types of vegetables and fruits to strengthen and protect teeth.
• It is recommended to use an electronic toothbrush to remove the calcareous layer on the teeth. If the electronic brush is not available, it is preferable to use a small toothbrush and to clean the teeth manually and in the correct manner.