Tswana Traditional Attire 2020 For South African Women

Tswana Traditional Attire 2020 For South African Women

The color of the Tswana traditional attire can be chosen as a guide for the person when it is Tswana traditional attires.

The color of a Tswana attire can be chosen, such as dress or coat according to the predominant color of the design, then choosing small or complementary pieces, Such as a pouch, or shoe according to the color used in the design.

tswana traditional 2020 attire

Use the Tswana traditional 2020 attire to find out which colors complement each other. The complementary colors here mean contrasting colors, which contrasted in a color wheel, such as white and black because these colors look great when combined together.



Each color has a complementary color, the best and most integrated Tswana traditional attires are the opposite colors, but some other colors, such as light yellowish green, can be combined with its opposite color from the outer edge, such as dark violet. Choose colors that are from the same category, for example, color colors together, earth colors together, and so on


tswana traditional attires white or black

Choose a Tswana traditional attires white or black when a person is confused by his order, or any other neutral colors, such as indigo, khaki, gray, blue, gold, silver, etc., where these colors can be combined, but white and black are the best together


The Botswana traditional attires is shaped by the shape of the body. Pear shape The shoulders and torso of the pear body are narrower than the hips.

so avoid wearing Tswana attire traditional that are sleeveless or large-size jackets; jeans, tight pants, thin skirts, Such as silk, and advised to wear dark pants with wide legs from the bottom, where Tswana traditional attire gives a slim appearance, make the person appear longer and weaker.

and also advised to search for a detailed jacket to stand on the shoulders, and wearing jackets that have a neck hole in the form of a boat, Balanced with doubt The lower part of the body




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