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Traditional Shweshwe:-

Shweshwe is a conventional cotton texture, colored indigo with geometric examples. This texture is a piece of South African culture.  More often than not, they are indigo blue, red and darker.

Where does this tissue originate from?

Shweshwe texture was transported in from India for the generation of apparel. In the eighteenth and nineteenth century, it was acquainted with South Africa by German settlers. White ladies contradicted to Apartheid wore representative help for Shweshwe texture.

For sure, in 1890, a German processing plant built up a manufactured indigo color to supplant the cotton color that is as yet utilized today. The common cotton color acquired from the plant Indigofera Tinctoria (type Legume).

.Once the German pilgrims started wearing shwe amid the nineteenth century, Xhosa ladies started to bring this texture into their customary dress by supplanting the creature skin outfits with Shweshwe in cotton. They enjoyed the blue tone of indigo, for that shading decorated their darker skin.

Generally, recently wedded Xhosa ladies (makoti) and wedded Sotho ladies wear shweshwe

In any case, how did the name “Shweshwe” occur?

As per Da Gama Textiles, the name originates from French teachers who in the mid 1840s gave this texture as a blessing to the ruler of Lesotho Moshoeshoe in the 1840s. He preferred it and it ended up famous with local people too Than foreigners.

How might you tell if the texture is the first Shweshwe?

On the first texture you will discover the brand logos on back of the texture and the color is a strong shading. The material is solid when acquired and has a width littler than the normal of 90 cm.


Beauticians make and change shweshwe texture into pads, tablecloths, skirts, smocks, sacks, shoes, accessories, pillowcase and scarves.


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