Traditional African wear-shweshwe traditional style!

Traditional African wear-shweshwe traditional style!

Hello! my friends, If you want to look great in a simple way, you can try this chic and easy to pull off men Traditional  African wear with a matching dress for the lady.

The African wear designs for guys in this look ensures the men keep their favorite khaki

or jeans pants and top it up with a Dashiki shirt top, while the lady complements the look with a flirty knee-length dashiki dress.

shweshwe traditional style!

More harmony is attained by the different suede shoes; loafers for the man and trendy high heels for the lady.

This kind of dresses is defined with its gradual widening from the top to the bottom.

When looked at closely, one gets a letter-A like an impression from the design. I

t is best suited for different body sizes, preferable the plus size women.

You can also have it as a maxi or mini depending on what your preference is.


The detailed color of this dress makes it outstanding.

The upper body of this dress has been designed to hug the body perfectly well,

which later spreads outwards from the waist down.

The brown color of the fabric and the pattern gives it a sense of simplicity and elegance it projects.

This dress can be worn to a formal event or to any wedding.

This dress hugs the body all the way to the end.

It bulges at the hips, in response to the natural outward bulge of the body and slowly reduces in size as it approaches the legs.

This is best suited for petite women. It can be worn to a formal occasion.

This is a simple midi-dress accompanied by a yellow coat.

The entire outfit looks official, making it good for formal occasions.

However, it can be worn to casual events when you lose the coat and put on flat shoes.

The dress spreads out from the waist down giving the whole dress code a fancy touch of sophistication.


This is a simple dress with a sophisticated feel. It is appropriate for formal and casual occasion depending on the shoes you wear.

Women of different size can wear this beautiful dress, but it is preferably best suited for a petite body.

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