Tooth decay stages and its causes and methods of treatment


Tooth decay stages and its causes and methods of treatment

Tooth decay is the parts of teeth that are rotting that can develop into small or large holes gradually; we will talk about the stages of tooth decay and how to treat it.
Causes of tooth decay:

Many people think that tooth decay is caused by dental negligence and lack of cleanliness-only care. but scientifically decay occurs if you meet the following factors
1 – Carbohydrate materials: Foods that contain high carbohydrates, such as sugars, carbohydrates, ice cream, sweets, fruits, and juice are the most important materials that help to decay if they remain on the surface of the tooth for a long time.
2 – Bacteria: The sugars alone can not cause Tooth decay only with the presence of bacteria. and there are certain types of bacteria to help. the occurrence of decay, including Spherical bacteria, and bacteria in the shape of the barber.
3 – tooth decay: due to malnutrition in periods of tooth formation. where the proportion of minerals in the teeth. such as calcium and phosphate; which leads to the fragility of the teeth.
4. Time factor: If the teeth are not cleaned properly and regularly. it becomes difficult to control the (bacterial plaque) formed on the teeth and remove it effectively. and therefore will begin tooth decay.

Stages of tooth decay

The residues of high carbohydrate foods are left on the teeth. such as sweets, bread, fruit, and juice.
The bacteria found in the mouth then digest these residues. especially sugar and starch, and turn them into acids.
These acids and bacteria combine with food waste to form a sticky substance,the plaque, which in turn attaches to the teeth and stands out clearly on the back teeth. but they appear on all teeth, on the gums, and at the edges of the fillings.
– The acids present in the plaque dissolve the enamel surface of the tooth. the outer layer of the tooth. which consists of a substance called hydroxyapatite – updated cavities are initially small and painless. and are an ideal place for breeding germs. and grow inside the tooth to reach the ivory (middle layer of the crown Age) Updated pain when eating cold and hot. then to the core of the tooth (blood vessels and nerves) where it becomes painful, especially at night.

Treatment of tooth decay

which is in the dental clinic, does not restore the Teeth to what it was before. but put a charge after the disposal of lichens in the tooth. which works to stop the process of decay and maintain the Teeth of loss of the full. but must maintain the teeth During cleaning, even after filling. it is possible to erode the filling and bacteria return to the necrosis of the tooth again. so we see that there are those who resort to stuffing. the tooth more than once and there are researches and studies of the work of fillings lasting for a long time without eroding.