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A couple of months ago, Hayley Hayes-Roberts hosted the Elizabeth Galloway first-year students at the Slave Lodge Iziko Museum where they viewed the “Material women? The shweshwe story” exhibition. The goal was to familiarize them with the history of shweshwe fabric, as well as provide design inspiration for working with this characteristic African textile.

They also visited Mnandi Textiles in Observatory where each bought two or more different prints to use in a design for a shift dress.

The selection process took some time, as the choice of especially shweshwe is so large, but finally, everyone was happy and thoughts could turn towards the creative process.

As Hayley had expressed interest in seeing the final garments,she was duly invited to the Academy to do just that.

And what an experience it was for our students! Hayley discussed each and every garment with its designer,

enquiring about inspiration and choice of pattern, the difficulties encountered and solutions found.

This made students think about and verbalize the rationale behind their design decisions,

all while benefitting from her vast knowledge.

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**Thom Browne** conveys his menswear ability to this traditionally female dress, accuracy custom fitted and rendered in a vaporous cotton jacquard,

likely riffed from his mark overcoats. Difference ribboned trim extends the fitted bodice,

finish with a framed flared skirt for a complimenting outline.


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