Poverty Does Not Mean One Must Be Dirty. See PICS


Poverty Does Not Mean One Must Be Dirty. See PICS

The images of the inside and outside of a little house that were posted to social media after the post’s primary purpose was revealed sparked a firestorm of discussion in the comments.

Being unclean is not an excuse for being poor, therefore you can be neatly dressed and still be in a bad financial position. This is done to disprove the notion that people usually equate poverty with uncleanliness, which isn’t always the case.

A one-room flat that isn’t even properly constructed or finished is deemed low-class, yet the interior is attractive due of the decoration.

It was considered necessary to post this sight on social media by ” Szn @ Seniorszn ” account name. On the 1st of July 2022, about 11:08 AM, and titled it “Poverty does not mean you have to be unclean”

Catching everyone’s eye at once, the tweet has received 262 retweets, 8 quotes, and 587 likes in the short time it has been up for grabs.



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