PICS: I choose to have a beautiful house and car not buy expensive clothes

PICS: I choose to have a beautiful house and car not buy expensive clothes

This man says he will not buy the Gucci brands because he has other things that are important to him. He said while many of you are buying those expensive clothes, he is getting the most expensive mansion and buying that expensive car. People are finding a different way of enjoying their lifestyles. If yours is about clothes, you will buy more of them.

If you find that person who is not interested in expensive clothes but a house and a car, you will do so. You don’t want to appear as a rich person, but you want to live like a king at home and be able to travel the world. If you don’t have the expensive clothes but you are able to travel to a different country each year, it is the best lifestyle you have chosen for yourself.

Many people are seen flexing about their expensive clothes, but they have not been to the coastal provinces and experienced life in those provinces. But if you are happy living in one place and wearing the most expensive clothes, it should make you happy. But you can’t be experiencing the same vibe and location all the time.

But if you are able to afford the expensive clothes, don’t look away and become demotivated that someone will not like it. There is a group from the Limpopo province who are always debating about two major things. The other is more interested in wearing expensive clothes because, according to him, he will be respected and given more attention everywhere.

While the other person, who is Mphela, is more interested in building a home and expensive clothes are not important. Most of the time, he is having a debate with Moruti Wadi Kota. They are friends, and they are not being linient when they are debating. If you can’t handle their hard talk, you will not survive. A lifestyle means you must choose the one that makes you happy.

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