latest hair color for the spring and summer of 2018

latest hair color:-In spring, the whole beautiful half of humanity is hungry for reboot. Refresh want everything: wardrobe, haircut, hairstyle, manicure and, of course, hair color. What is the most fashionable hair coloring in the spring-summer season 2018? We wandered through the expanses of Instagram, and are ready to submit a report!

In fashion and ashy hair color. Transfusions of cold colors look natural and beautiful. This is for those who have already managed to get purple-pink shades, but want something new anyway. We are looking for in the “silverhair” Instagram – and we are inspired!

The most fashionable hair color in 2018 is purple! Which, in principle, is not surprising. After all, the shade of “Ultraviolet” experts of the Panton Institute called “The color of 2018”.

15 Hair Color Ideas and Styles for 2018

Fashionable will be not only dark shades of violet, but all its possible variations – purple, lilac, with a “dusty” and metallic tint. In a word – that my dear wish!

To the admirers of multi-colored hair colorists offer staining “Gem Roots”, which translates as “precious stones”. Very effective and very practical: the roots grew out – they were colored with a contrasting color.

latest hair color

Multicolored palette, and even pearly overflows pleases the fashionistas painting “Abalone Hair”, named after the mollusc Abalona. This new approach to “mermaid” staining was also extremely popular among users of Instagram.

Stylist Alisha McAlister proposes for the spring try a mix of colors that are surprisingly reminiscent of fruit juice: here and bright, and pastel shades, and a little gold, and trendy pink.

Never wanted to have hair like a trait? If yes, then your dreams come true! English colorist Jason Hogan offers an ultramblade with a cold shade of graphite, rainbow quartz and holographic overflows – this beauty trend has already been called “Ghosted hair”.