Latest Fashion Nails For This Season


Latest Fashion Nails For This Season

Fashion Nails: To be fashionable “to the tips of the nails,” you need to know not only about all the fashion trends of the season concerning clothes and shoes, but also be aware of beauty trends. What did the nail art masters offer us this fall? What is he – a fashionable manicure of the autumn-winter season?

Circles and squares, strokes and points – these simple drawings can draw every fashionista. The main condition – that was contra!

If you decided to try on this fashionable image of “Lady in Red” this fall, then you can not do without red lacquer. Bright scarlet and pastel shade of papaya, deep burgundy and rich cherry – choose the right one!

At first look, it might appear this is a French nail treatment. Be that as it may, no. As opposed to the coat, here the differentiating varnish is connected to the tip of the nail, as well as catches from a third to a half of the nail plate. The state of such a strip can be totally any: straight, adjusted, inclining or as a letter V.

Logomania reached the manicure. Now the initial letters of your favorite brands can be written directly on the nails. However, you can write your name. Or draw a symbol or icon.

To make even the most ordinary manicure over-original is very simple: just need to decorate your nails with piercing or volumetric decor. All is suitable: chains and pendants, flowers and pearls, rhinestones and sequins – in a word, fantasize as much as you like! By the way, if piercing your own nails does not seem to you a good idea – you can use for this false nails.

Neutral shades are always in fashion – it’s stylish, versatile and elegant.

In the new season, varnishes of sandy hue, latte and beige with a cold podon are relevant –

at the shows of the Week of Fashion the models defiled precisely with this manicure.

Fashion Nails

Fashion Nails