Charming African print dresses-Determine your look!

Charming African print dresses-Determine your look!

I have rounded up over a number of the best African print dresses and where to get them. Because these pieces are handmade, no two pieces are exactly the same.

In fact, many of the designers only have a limited supply of a style in a particular fabric. Sometimes, they offer the same style in various fabric choices. For the girls looking for their look, they should surfy this post.


You are more sexy and attractive with your maxi print dress…

Her excitement alone would make you add this maxi dress to your cart. The one-shoulder puff sleeve action is just irresistible!

This collared dress was made to perfection! Features a high neckline with pussybow necktie and flowy peplum hem.

African print, cut out details, peplum, and flare? Yes, yes, yes!!!! I just need to find a dinner party to go to ?


Nothing better than this easy to wear the maxi dress and the deep v neckline and waist tie.

Get your sexy on! Perfect for summer outings and special events.



This dress gives a new meaning to African print dresses.

Valarie, the designer, has an eye for details.

I own a few of her pieces and I can honestly say she pours her heart and soul into every piece she makes.

This removable sash teal dress is no different.

Drooling over the insane details of this reversible dress.

The patchwork detail makes this a brilliant piece of art! Swoon-worthy!


Endowed with what looks like a double cape: a small cape around the neck and voluminous flare bottom.

Let’s call this the goddess dress.


What’s there not to love about this beautifully-crafted dress?


Blue and orange go so well together and the cutout details of this dress will bring your outfit to life!


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