Bridal Train Asoebi Style Inspirations

Bridal Train Asoebi Style Inspirations

Hello: Ladies, how would you like your bridal train to be dressed, in English styles or in uniform Asoebi? Better still, how would you like your Asoebi train to add flair and glamour for your traditional wedding? To save you the stress of searching, we’ve compiled these gorgeous Bridal Train Asoebi style inspirations for you.

It’s refreshing to see a variety of styles on a bridal train or Asoebi train as far as West Africa is concerned. We can’t dispute the fact that most brides pick styles that suit their personality and theme, but we love the new trend that allows friends of the bride show up in various styles, handpicked by them to suit their height, body frame and skin tone.

Allowing bridesmaids come up with their own styles is not only convenient but it gives the ladies the chance to use their various dresses after the wedding. Even though the bride should be the center of attention at her own wedding, a lot of effort goes into styling the Bridal Train Asoebi style or dresses.

One may ask “Does the bride still have a say”? Absolutely! Brides can have total control over their bridal train or Asoebi girls by choosing a preferred designer, material and making sure her girls stick to the theme to avoid any fashion disaster. It can be a challenge appeasing all your bridesmaids i must say.

For us Africans, especially Nigerian-American couples, an Asoebi is sometimes the de-facto bridal party. You’ll see the bridesmaids wearing Western gowns at the “white wedding,” or Americanized ceremony, and then switching to Asoebi cloth for the traditional ceremony and after party.

Whether a white or traditional wedding, we’ve got the juiciest and latest Bridal Train Asoebi styles in this mix, enjoy!

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