Best 10 Short Haircuts For Woman For This Season

Best 10 Short Haircuts:-

If you want to make a radical look in your hair, but you do not know how you want it, here are some options!

Surely you will find some option or idea that will go according to what you are looking for.

Remember that making a total change of look is a very important decision, so take your time before going to the aesthetic and put scissors to your hair.


Something super important is to consider the tone of your complexion to know what color of the gradient in your hair you should choose.
Ask your stylist to give you his SINCERE opinion.

Another very important thing is to be very clear what type of cut you want, eg: ‘Bob’, ‘Pixie’, etc … Since that will depend a lot on the stylist you have to go with.
There are some who specialize in certain courts, do not go with anyone.

The lob cut is also known as a long bob, so it practically has the same benefits, unless you’re not too sure to leave it too short,
you can try something less extreme, such as the lob cut.

Cut in long layers

The cut in layers is a little batalloso, because you have to be arranging or putting products and the truth What laziness! The solution is to make layers but very long, because the same weight of the hair will accommodate it.
Of course, having long hair involves brushing it to avoid knots or dreadlocks.


The shaggy cut is like the “middle ground” between a bob cut and a pixie cut, because it has the benefit of avoiding combing a lot like the pixie, but it is of a considerable length to look more feminine, if it does not convince you to have it so short.