Whether you have very fine hair or very thick, very long hair or very short, these pretty hair accessories should work for you! If you have thin or short hair, use the small hair accessories for putting up all your hair, whereas if your hair is quite thick or long, use the larger hair clips and claws. Save the smaller hair slides for half up styles and pinning hair away from the face. Not sure these hair accessories will work for you? Have a look in our Fine Hair accessories and Thick Hair accessories collections for hair accessories specific for your hair type.

A Hair Stick;

Long hair can hold all kinds of adornments, but a stick (or two) is a fast way to put up a bun securely. With a little practice, you’ll be expertly styled in no time.

Gather hair as you would for a ponytail, then twist it until it forms a tight bun and tuck the ends under. Holding the bun with one hand, insert the tip of the stick through the bottom, pushing it upward through the middle of the bun until it just protrudes at the top. Next, flip the end over a full 180 degrees and push it down through the bun from top to bottom. Add a second stick for a more secure hold. Or fasten the bun with an elastic and use one or two sticks for decoration.

A Headband;
“Women think that if they have short hair they can wear only bobby pins and barrettes,” says Karen Shelton, founder of, a beauty website based in Dallas. “But a headband will add definition and accentuate a great cut.” It’s also a good choice if you’re trying to grow your hair out.

What to look for: For very short hair (one to three inches, like the pixie cut shown here), look for bands less than two inches wide. For longer bobs, thicker bands, wraps, and scarves also work.


How to style: The key is to create volume at the crown for a flattering “halo” effect that also keeps the band in place. As you blow-dry damp hair, use your fingers to lift the pieces on the top of your head. For even more volume, tease hair at the crown. Place the band just past the hairline, brushing any bangs to the front of it.