Modern African shweshwe couples style 2020-very attractive!

Modern African shweshwe couples style 2020-very attractive!

Modern African shweshwe couples style 2020, 

right attention until recently when Africa’s fashion industry begun to blossom.

Most of the African shweshwe couples style 2020 are made from African print fabrics

that are distinctively unique to specific tribes of Africa.


Red is a color for those who are bold and daring.

In this design, the lady is wearing a medium-length red dress

with a design at the bottom and the chest area.

the man has a white shirt and red Africa pants which match well with the lady’s outfit.

This is the style to don if you are visiting your parents for the first time,

for a traditional wedding or any other traditional event you will be attending as a couple.

In the photo below is a lady dressed in an elegant Africa shweshwe design.

The dress consists of an Africa print at the top part and the bottom part has a long flowing satin.

The young couples are not left behind when it comes to shweshwe designs for couples.

In this style, the lady is wearing a long Africa coat which she wears over a body suit.

The gentleman has an Africa suit of the same print as the lady’s coat.

This style is great for young couples attending formal or informal functions together.

It is quite elegant and simple and does not demand many accessories.

Older couples who want to keep it simple and are not into a lot of flairs can go for this design.

The lady in the image below has shweshwe designs flowing dress whereas her partner has

shweshwe shirt and a black trouser.


The man can also opt for an Africa shweshwe trouser if he so desires.

It is a good style for married couples as they attend various events together.


shweshwe couples style 2020

If you love short mermaid dresses, then the design is for you.

The lady’s dress is a short, beautiful mermaid dress and

the guy complements the look with a shirt that has a similar African print and black trousers.

Couples can choose to dress in this design when attending modern weddings or

any other event which falls on a weekend.

shweshwe couples style 2020,  

White and gold are two colors which blend beautifully.

In this design, the lady is wearing a sleeveless white

and gold dress and covers it with a gold scarf.

The man complements the look with a white and gold shirt.

This style is most suitable if you are having a traditional wedding ceremony or

if you want to have a unique wedding theme,

the woman can use this design for a wedding dress and

the man can opt to have the design on the shirt and wear white or golden pants according to his preferences.

If you are the more daring type and love bright colors, then you will love this design.

The lady in the photo is wearing is a multi-layered orange

Africa print and the guy completes the design for couples with a matching shirt and trouser.

This design is best suited for fashion shows or

even contemporary wedding ceremonies where you would want to attend as a couple.

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