African clothes consist of vibrant colors
is the conventional apparel worn by the general population of Africa.

In a few occasions these conventional articles of clothing have been supplanted by western apparel presented by European colonialists.

African Fashion and Its Influence on Western Designs;

African fashion is synonymous with Summer and print, and white that statement may be true in the west,   in Africa it is tradition. African fashion has influenced many designers throughout the west, grabbing inspiration for prints,  fabrics and colors from the continent. In the months of Summer,    our retail stores flood with African inspired clothing;  suiting the climate and season and creating an ambiance of cool summer vibes. However,   in a climate of culture appropriation,    it is important to be aware of the importance of fashion in Africa and to be knowledgeable about where we the inspiration for our clothes begin.

African fashion consists of vibrant colors,
with prominent, and at times, clashing prints with tribal-like patterns.   One of the most predominant fabrics in Africa used to create traditional printed clothing is Ankara.

Ankara is 100% cotton, painted fabric used for many clothing items such as dresses, headscarves, jackets, among others.   Fabric production and weaving is an important occupation in Africa, creating employment and consumerism;   one of the things that make fashion in Africa so important.

Due to our globally connected world and the rise of social media,   the landscape of African fashion has changed with African fashion becoming influenced by the west and western designers using traditional African clothing as inspiration for collections  on features of African fashion.   In addition to this, celebrities have also dawned African inspired clothing creating a commodity for the pieces.

However, as an initiative to protect and display African fashion,  Lagos Fashion and   Design Week was launched in 2011 showcasing Nigerian and African designers bringing the media and fashion industry insiders to Nigeria to celebrate the work.