wedding dresses in all different cultures,habits of brides

wedding dress:-

  •  is a traditional formal or semi-formal wedding originating in Britain, The tradition of white wedding dresses is a relatively recent phenomenon?
  • While brides in Europe and the U.S. have worn them for centuries, other hues (including yellow, blue, gray, and even black) were also a quite popular way back when.
  • It was only after Queen Victoria wore white to her 1840 nuptials that the white wedding dress became ubiquitous.

  • so in this topic, we talk more about wedding dress in some different countries with different cultures such as ;
  • INDIA:-Indian wedding clothes 

  •  bridegroom and other relatives attending the wedding, The bride wears a sari or a lehenga according to the region.
  • Indian Hindu weddings continue for several days,


A bride and groom in the East African country wear traditional ceremonial wedding clothes, including dark-velvet crowns.
Eritrean weddings include two days of celebration,

The traditional Eritrean wedding ceremonies are done on the second day of the wedding celebration; this is known as the Melsi.

 latest  wedding dress for the woman in 2018


In the traditional setting, wedding ceremonies generally start on Tuesday and end on Thursday, or start on Friday and end on Sunday.

many Hungarian weddings are more like U.S. weddings than traditional Hungarian weddings, but fortunately,

there are still those couples that opt for the more colorful and traditional wedding ceremony,

The traditional Hungarian bridal dress is very colorful and elaborately embroidered, very often with a flower motif, the bride’s dress and in her large and elaborate headdress, which also included woven wheat as a symbol of fertility.Under the dress were many layers of underskirts.

 wedding dress

wedding dresses in all different cultures,habits of brides

This Shinto bride dons a red and white kimono, as well as the traditional paper headdress, known as a tsuno-Kakashi.