Top Best White Ombre Nails for Women – Simple Classy Designs


Top Best White Ombre Nails for Women – Simple Classy Designs

The ombre trend is so in right now, and white ombre nail looks lead the pack. Both neutral and playful, white ombre nails combine the classy with the quirky in one trend.

This look is also an update of the stuffy old French manicure, and it creates a fresh appearance that feels young and new.

Similar to the French manicure that creates a line of demarcation between the nail tip and the nail body, white ombre nails start at the tip with a white polish and slowly graduate to pink, neutral or clear colors.

This color change is slow and gradual, creating a seamless ombre look that is so attractive and mesmerizing. Evoking the classic styles while spinning them to new heights, this trend is truly the way forward in neutral nail trends.

The white element makes your nails look fresh and new, and they can make your tips look healthy and bright. White ombre nails don’t have to be boring, though. You can spice up the look by including a few small glue-on gems or sparkles at the base of your nail or simply applying one black stud or jewel to the tip of your nail. Place this off-center for a more artistic look.

You can also play around with the neutral shades that the white color will fade into. Pinks are always a sure bet to look beautiful, and they can add some feminine charm. Beige neutrals, however, have a more summery and distinctive look. Clear polish will let your healthy nail stand out, and it’s always good to make sure your cuticles and nails look neat and tidy.