South African Beach house know more now about


South African Beach House knows more now about

Summer is going all out and what better approach to appreciate the occasion than with an excursion at South African Beach house?

This perfectly reviving shoreline house is loaded up with unobtrusive indications of the sea from masterful elucidations of driftwood and woven materials to the delicacy of the inside spaces that welcome the outside perspectives inside.

South African Beach house

The living area is modern with a touch of rustic charm and an earthiness that grounds one to the natural elements.

Striking arched white ceilings open the room up beautifully, and on either side, glass doors create space and flow between the outdoors and the different rooms in this home.

We love how wood features in different forms in this living room, from beautifully creative driftwood art to the eclectic mix of furniture in various wooden forms, including rattan and woven pieces with striking solid wood side tables that reflect the natural fissures and imperfections of the wood it is made from.

The choice of lighting

Here is exquisite with a simple yet striking arrangement of interwoven white globes that take center stage.

Suspended from different heights, this cluster of globes create a breathtaking feature in this space.

The kitchen

The kitchen is quaint yet modern – and a continuation of the same color palette and style of the living room.

The choice of natural wood again pops against an all-white interior.

We also love the use of a suspended pot stand over the main kitchen island – offering functionality and contemporary style in this room.

A clever under-stair wine rack further maximizes space in this small room that leads onto the minimalist dining room.

The bedroom

The bedroom evokes a real sense of ocean tranquility with the shimmer of a flowing light fixture that creates soft illumination above the bed and draws your eye upward to the fascinating architecture of this room with loft ceilings.

Decor and Finishes

Some time ago I was looking through a magazine that had interviewed a celebrity.

Since she is very popular, influential, and wealthy they had pictures of her house and what is inside of it.

After painfully looking at all the pictures I said to myself, “ This lady is a very confused person.”

No this is not me being rude. Your home should speak to people about you right, that is what hers said to me!

Every room looked cluttered. No space to feed your eye.

A lot of different colors in one room, which did not work together.

No theme at all! In short, I kept looking for the number to the interior decor police.