Natural Skin Care for African Women Is Actually Better

Natural Skin Care for African Women Is Actually Better

Natural skin care for African-American skin can be confusing to men and women.

Questions are often asked like “Can I use any natural product on the market?” or “Can a darker skin handle more abrasives than a lighter skin?”

It’s important to realize that your skin is the largest organ in the body, and no matter what color it is, it requires pampering and care so that it can protect you into your later years.

No one wants to age too fast, but by using unnatural products or worse, none at all, on your skin and body can do damage and make you look like you are much older than your years.

Is Natural Skin Care Actually Better?

Today there are a lot of options for skin care.

That means a lot of choices you need to make; and a lot of different types of skin care products to think about when you make choices.

A major thing to consider are the ingredients in the skin care products you pick.

Are the ingredients all natural?

What kind of chemicals are in the product?

How will the product affect your overall health?

Keep things easy. The first thing you will ask yourself is what ingredients to look for?

If you know the most important natural ingredients to moisturize and maintain your skin’s health, you can know what you need instantly without a lot of research or study.

Here’s what you need to know about these.


Myth 1: Black skin doesn’t need sunscreen

“Like every other skin tone, black skin does need to apply a minimum SPF30 for protection against UVA/B rays.

Although dark skin already has a head start with sun protection due to the melanin, it isn’t enough to rely on this alone and without adequate protection, dark skin is prone to diseases like skin cancer too.”

Myth 2: Black skin doesn’t get sunburnt

“It does. Skin can become burnt, painful and blistered just like Caucasian skin. Adequate sun protection is a must:

finding shade during high sunshine, wearing a hat, loose cover-up clothing and using sun protection.”

Myth 3: Black skin can’t have advanced treatments like laser and chemical peels

“Yes it can, under careful guidance of an experience practitioner using the right equipment and products.

Technology is now very advanced and there are many treatment options open to all skin tones.”

Myth 4: ‘Black don’t crack’

“This is the old adage that black skin doesn’t show ageing (e.g fine lines and wrinkles),

as early as Caucasian skin tones. While there is some truth in it, black skin still does show ageing in the skin through a more mottled appearance, plus hyper pigmentation, age spots and lentigines.”