Makhadzi is mourning the passing of her family member

Makhadzi is mourning the passing of her family member


Mlungisi Doncabe

South African Singer Makhadzi shared an emotional news of losing a family member.

The singer took her sadness to social media and uploaded images the funeral that took over in her home.

The artist wrote :

” It was not easy to believe that you are gone until today . May your soul rest in peace Auntie”.

Comments were too sad people feeling her e pain of losing a family member, one the strongest message she received from her fan name Khweyo Sims said, I know what you going through right now, it very sad and when you famous people do not care about you or if you sharing your pains they mock you or create a joke about it, I’m really sorry Khadzi we will forever love, rest in peace to your aunt, conclude the fan.

To the family and everyone who is closed with the family, condolences to you all.

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