Magic Mirror Nail Styles 2023


Magic Mirror Nail Styles 2023

Mirror Nails is one of the great News in the Nails sector, one of the latest Trends and the most loved by those who want to have always perfect and trendy Hands! But how to realise professional and flawless Mirror Nail Art?

We talk about it in this new deepening of our Nails Blog, showing You in a clear Step by Step which are the Phases of a correct application of the new Pics Nails Mirror Powder!

We begin our Mirror Nails Step-by-Step by making a small clarification: the Mirror Powder – which can be used both in the case of a work in Gel Nails that on Gel Nail Polish – can be applied on the Colour conveniently Catalysed in Lamp and Degreased with a square of cotton pads soaked in Nail Cleaner (as in the case of the photo here)

However, in order to obtain an even more professional and perfect finish, our advice is to Seal the Colour and apply the Mirror Powder only after having sealed…exactly as we will see in this clear Step by Step!

In the case of using the One Step Gel Polish, instead, remember that it is necessary to always Seal: we cannot, therefore, apply our Mirror Powder after the Colour but always and only after having Sealed and suitably Degreased.