Hottest Nail Polish Colors Totally Changes How Your Hands Look


Hottest Nail Polish Colors Totally Changes How Your Hands Look

If you’ve ever taken a picture of your hands, like after a Hottest Nail Polish Colors, or maybe while holding a big ol’ doughnut at brunch (hey, what do you take pictures of?).

 then you know how, uh, kinda ugly hands can be in the wrong lighting, or with the wrong polish, or with a bad doughnut.

This is why we’re really into the idea of nail-polish contouring, which is basically just picking specific colors for your skin tone to give your hands a bit more oomph.

No, we’re not saying that this is a required step for any human being because we realize that hands are just hands.

but if you’re planning to wear nail polish anyway, why not make it purposeful?

And to help you decode your digits, we got the very brilliant manicurist Jin Soon Choi to break down the best colors from her polish collection for your exact skin tone and dream hand look.

Because that’s a thing, right? Right.


Hottest Nail Polish Colors Totally Changes How Your Hands Look

Hottest Nail Polish Colors

Before I started bringing my own nail polish to the salon, it would take me 10 to 15 minutes to pick a color for my manicure and pedicure.

And I’d often regret my decision with the first swipe of polish, sending my manicurist into a hussy fit.

Ultimately, my mood determines which nail polish color I choose.

If I’m feeling especially feminine, I reach for a sheer nude with a hint of pink like OPI Samoan Sand.

If I’m feeling big and showy, I stick to a vibrant yellow or pink color from Avon Nail wear Pro+ Nail Enamel line.

When I’m just indecisive, crazy nail art tends to happen.

According to Paintbox manicurist Gerry Holford, a person’s attraction to particular shades can speak volumes about their personality.

Holford believes that there’s a certain psychology to nail polish colors, and she shared her take on the subject with us below.


The fact that at-home gel nail polishes don’t always come in our color is a grave understatement.

Most never enhance our tone, are too chalky or just plain boring.

Thanks to wet n wild, not only can we finally get a pastel shade (like this gorgeous peach shade we spotted on the runways) that actually looks good on us, but it comes without the formaldehyde and the annoying UV light.

One single sweep of this shade and you’ll be instantly reminded of melting orange creamsicles (okay fine, pumpkins and prison jumpsuits, too).

But the color is SO hot this season. And if you think it won’t match your skin color you’re dead wrong.

Give it a try, and tell us how this chip-proof finish boosted your mood and manicure.

Remember years ago when dark teals were only worn during the fall season? Fast forward to spring/summer 2018 and now we couldn’t imagine a trip to the nail salon without pondering getting the color.

Real talk, this cool turquoise shade transforms a basic Mani into something magical.

Rose, blush, salmon, magenta—we’ve seen practically every type of pink imaginable, but this fuchsia color is an upgraded barbie pink that serves as the perfect pair to our neon-colored swimwear.

Best of all it’s 9-free, cruelty-free, and infused with a blend of botanicals and minerals including evening primrose oil for moisture, calcium to strengthen, and vitamins E and B7 to encourage growth.