High waisted Ankara skirts this season in south Africa

High waisted Ankara skirts this season in south Africa

Ankara is a style that dazzles with its splendor here is High waisted Ankara skirts.

It reflects current plan thoughts and the social highlights of Africa.

With each season, originators keep on creating incredible outfit from quality textures, utilizing diverse prints.

In 2018 high waisted Ankara skirts are extremely mainstream.

Look at probably the most famous styles and get in on this spectacular pattern.

High waisted Ankara skirts this season in south Africa

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1. Ankara peplum skirt

It never hurts to get creative with your skirts and blouses for office.

If you decided to stick to the classic peplum skirt design, you can experiment with patterns.

To bring the whole outfit together, you can decorate your top with a piece of the skirt’s Ankara fabric.

2. Six pieces Ankara skirt and blouse

Six pieces skirt and blouse is one of the most beloved designs for Nigerian office-working ladies, and it’s not surprising – with this style you can look your best even on a regular day at work.

3. Pleated skirt + crop top

Who doesn’t love a pleated Ankara skirt? This skirt style is one of the most elegant ones out there.

That is why it looks so good with a crop top blouse style.

And when you pair the skirt and blouse with cute sandals, you’ve got an even more stunning look.

4. Lace blouse and Ankara skirt

Ankara and lace is definitely a winning combination, which is proven by hundreds of amazing lace and Ankara styles.

Here is a beautiful example of the latest Nigerian blouses: this blouse combines Ankara and lace in the most exquisite way.

5. Ankara blouse with a tie

Adding a tie to any dress or blouse instantly makes the whole look much more appropriate for office.

By wearing a blouse with a tie you can even get away with wearing a shorter skirt or a brighter pattern!

6. Mix and match Ankara

One of the current hottest ways to rock Ankara styles is to go for the mix and match patterns.

This trend can be easily adapted for office – check out how well this maxi skirt works with a long-sleeve Ankara blouse!

7. Asymmetric peplum blouse

You can keep the color and length of an Ankara outfit perfectly suitable for office and still look like you’ve just stepped from the runway by playing with the peplum.

For example, you can make it asymmetric for an extra stylish touch.

8. Off-shoulder blouse

An off-shoulder blouse may not be the best choice for corporate wear on its own, but when paired with an office-friendly pencil skirt, the blouse can be exactly what you need to make the right impression at work.

9. Free Ankara blouse

A black pencil skirt may not be the most adventurous piece of clothing, but you can make it much more attractive by pairing it with an outstanding blouse design.

We especially love this free blouse with a bold Ankara pattern.