Chief Mthwalume forbade mother burial. He said burial land was purchased.  Video

Chief Mthwalume forbade mother burial. He said burial land was purchased.  Video

The chief of the village of Mthwalume told a family that they couldn’t bury their dead mother. The chief said that someone else had already bought the land they wanted to use for the burial. The family had to take their mother’s body back to the funeral home. This is heartbreaking because they were supposed to tell the family about the place the day before they came for the burial.

It looks like people are leaving villages quickly, which is why people have to ask before doing anything in the area. People say that if the Chiefs don’t want the family to have to bury their loved one someday, they need to find them a nice place. People on social media say that the chief is so lucky that he didn’t do that to people who don’t understand easily.

I can tell you that this is the first time people have heard that the chief was the reason the body was moved from the grave to the mortuary. What he did isn’t really okay, because when he sells something in the area, he needs to let his people know. The family looks like they are just shocked because they never expected to be in this kind of situation.

When you look at the video closely, you can see how surprised those people are that the funeral for their mother will be moved. There are other things that will make you think you’ve seen everything until they blow up in your face. People are saying that the chief needs to go to the place where the fight is taking place and try to calm things down.

It looks like they won’t take him up on his offer because they can’t move the funeral because he sold the land. This is strange because the body will be taken back to the funeral home just to be kept there again. People say that it will cost money to get the dead body out again.

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