Amazing Nail Art Design 2023


Amazing Nail Art Design 2023

I’m all about trying new nail trends. Like, I’m the kind of person who scours Instagram and Pinterest for nail art ideas before I even *make* my appointment.  Had them planned out in November. The press-on-nail trend? I’ve currently got about TK perfectly curated sets at home. And the very moment Hailey Bieber captured her “glazed donut” nails on TikTok, I was already cocktailing polishes to recreate the look myself. Basically, I’m ~dedicated~ to my craft, which is why I’ve been asking every single nail artist I know lately what the biggest 2023 nail trends will be.

And ya know what? 2023 has delivered some trends I’m hella excited about, like hues I expected (hi, Viva Magenta, Pantone’s Color of the Year) and updates on 2022’s fave designs and shapes (like coffin nails, squiggly lines, and neon shades), but also new designs celebs will be trying, guaranteed. Behold: 2023’s biggest nail trends, according to my IG-stalking and nail expert and Nails.Inc founder Thea Green.