African Dresses Styles To Have A Modern Pretty Look 

African Dresses Styles To Have A Modern Pretty Look

This season African designers are coming up with more modern African dresses styles that are thrilling to the senses.

Gone are the days when African dresses were reserved for just church services on Sundays.

Thanks to enthusiastic fashion designers who push African fashion to global frontiers, people wear African designs to work, parties, even the red carpet, runways and fashion shows!

African Dresses Styles

This article is a collection of African dresses, styles and fashion for the modern woman.

In this article, we shall discuss beautiful and modern African dresses trending this season.

Lace Floral Print

Usually, brides come to mind when you think of lace.

Or, maybe an evening wear.

Well, for summer, designers hope to change your mind about this timeless trend, and they are clear that lace is here to stay.

Lace is light and easy to wear, so many of the seasons outfits will incorporate it.

You just have to keep the balance and carefully combine it with your everyday outfits.

The key with lace is to pick the right colour, fabric, and style says fashion designer, Carla Pinto.

Pinto showcased her latest collection at the SA Fashion Week.

Pinto’s House – African Style Story is all about prints, floral and lace.

For the show, she recreated a floral lace print that contrasts beautifully with a geometrical crochet print.

Pinto says her main source of inspiration was the antique lace and crochet patterns.

She says she has a way around to refresh and revitalize lace.

Ankara Shorts

Ankara shorts are chic and very feminine.

And don’t forget versatile too! Ankara shorts paired with a camisole, plain colored blazer and block heels is the perfect combination for a birthday or red carpet event.

Or you could wear Ankara shorts with a white tee, sandals and chunky jeweler for a laid back look for beach parties and sight seeing.

Whatever style you choose, Ankara shorts is a must have style for the modern woman.

Ankara Jumpsuit

The Ankara jumpsuit is a cutting edge African mold wear for the season.

Something around an Ankara jumpsuit shouts style and present day African ladies can appear to get enough of this.

Jumpsuits are semi formal dresses worn to chapel gatherings, weddings, occasions, work and even to celebrity main street.

Simply make sure to parade this dress with the ideal frill and shoes that suit the event.

Off Shoulder Dress

The off shoulder dress is feminine and sensual African dresses styles .

African designers are incorporating this design into dresses, jumpsuits and tops.

A common example is the off shoulder midi dress commonly made with Ankara, Kent or dashiki material.

This dress is an informal dress for birthday events, beach parties and outings with families and friends.

The off shoulder dress provides a great opportunity to display the latest neck accessory available.

Kimono Dress

A Kimono dress is definitely the prettiest thing to wear this summer.

The historic and traditional kimono comes from Japan and has a long list of different traditions and styles.

But, one needs to be careful with this trend, as it can be easily mistaken for a lounge wear robe.

South African fashion designer, it’s important to choose the one that you’re most comfortable with and a perfect fit. Kimonos come in various length.


Bright Colours

Welcome to the season of color confidence.

Summer is a season of freedom and exploration.

It’s time to show your true colors, and going colorful is a perfect way to express that.

South African dresses styles designer, James Moroeng, says the girlier, the better this season.

“Bump up the romance and don’t be afraid of bright colors.

But, he warns that sometimes colorful outfits are tricky to style.

Moroeng says it’s easy to rock this trend if you stick to solids and make sure to color block.

Designer, Loubna Ayouche Combalat, also added that mix-and-match colors and color-blocking will definitely give you that glow.

Combatant says we must not play it safe with bold colors. “From powerful pinks, frog greens, red, sunshine yellows and zesty oranges.