5 tips: How to remove body hair at home

5 tips: How to remove body hair at home

Body hair removal forms part of our beauty routines.

Some people prefer to have the process done by professionals, while others prefer to do it themselves.

It is much easier to get it done by a professional because they are equipped for what they do.

However, those who prefer doing it themselves can agree that removing body hair at home can be tricky.

When not done correctly, your skin can catch bacteria, get irritation, or even get scraped and cut.

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That said, it will be helpful to follow these Fino Cosmetics suggestions, to achieve that silky smooth feeling after a shave – without discomfort.

Exfoliate first

Exfoliation helps rid the skin of dead cells, so that the razor doesn’t get clogged up with them. That will allow for a closer shave.

Change your blades/ razor regularly

Old blades or razors are likely to trap bacteria or cause irritation. To ensure a smooth shave replace them regularly (if they are disposable).

Take your time in the shower

Allow the steam or water to soften your hair first. That will open up the hair follicles and make a close shave easier.

Avoid dry-shaving

Dry shaving will irritate your skin.

Apply a moisturising cream to allow the razor to glide smoothly over your skin.

Also, this will help you avoid getting cuts.

Be easy on your razor

Pressing the razor too hard on your skin will cause dents, and that may create an uneven surface.

Also, keep the water temperature moderate because hot water burns the skin and might cause skin dehydration.

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