23+ Cute Coffin Nail Design Ideas

23+ Cute Coffin Nail Design Ideas

It can be hard to choose what shape to go for when you get your nails done, but coffin-shaped nails are the ultimate go-to nail shape.

Coffin shaped nails are a cross between a square nail and a stiletto nail shape. The blunt straight edge relates it to the square shape, and the long slight diagonal side gives it the same effect as a stiletto nail.

No matter what, a coffin nail is a great shape for a statement, a stylish manicure that still looks classy and sensible. To give you a little bit more inspiration, in this post, you’ll find 44 cute coffin nail design ideas that you’ll want to try out right now.

1. Pink Animal
A pink nail design can never fail, and this design is an excellent way of making a statement. The pink and black contrast makes it so eye-catching as the black look harsh against the pink. The mix of matte and glossy nails is unique and a great way of standing out even more.

2. Blue Marble
This blue marble design, mixed with the gold foil detailing, looks very luxurious and elegant. The small features of nude nail polish are a lovely way of blending all the different elements.

3. Black Galaxy
This multicolour design is cool, edgy, and a great design to catch people’s attention. The different colours coming through adds a creative feature to it, but then the black tones the whole design down and makes it more classy.
4. Asymmetric Prints
As we know, nude manicures are an absolute staple, but sometimes it can do with an extra touch. This design is chic and stylish; the colours blend well together.

There’s enough of a difference to make the detail stand out, but then it’s not too loud. The gold trimming makes the transition between the two designs smoother and gives the overall manicure a nicer finish.
5. Sky Blue Butterfly
The blue butterfly nails are a great pop of colour against the nude nails. The glitter details make the manicure look more glamorous, and the small detail of the clear marble design keeps the nails on-trend.
6. Midnight Sky
Matte nails are very chic and classy; the dark navy colour is very elegant. The contrast between the navy and the pink nude makes the nails stand out more. The small detail of the glitter tip on the accent nail makes the manicure look more stylish.
7. Amber Gold
The tie-dye effect has been very popular, and this is a great way to incorporate it into a nail design. The nude nails allow the colours to stand out, and the gold detail really pops against the colour tie-dye.
8. Multi Art
Ombre designs are classic nail design that always looks sleek and stylish. The different colours make the design unique and make the manicure stand out. The white line designs are a great touch to make the design look more detailed.

9. Nude Bandana
The intricate white design against the nude nail polish is very eye-catching. The different design on each nail makes the manicure more unique and personal to you. This is such a classy nail design, perfect for everyday designs and special occasions too.
10. Cream Sweater
The sweater effect design is a great design for fall and winter; it adds so much texture to the manicure. The nude, white and black together are simple yet classy. This is a perfect design if you are looking for something detailed but still quite understated.

11. Rainbow Tips
This nail design is eye-catching, it’s bold, and a great way of adding colour to your manicure. The blend between the colours makes it look so seamless and creates a great transition between each nail. The gold detail adds extra detail to the manicure that just completes the whole design.
12. Butterfly Rose
The design is very girly and very glamorous; the clear nails with glitter and butterflies are a super popular trend. Each nail is entirely different, but the balance between the details and colours works really well together, and they all complement one another.
13. Lime Daisy
This design is so simple, but it is very eye-catching. The bright green against the nude daisy design accent nails stands out so much and allows the flower detail to catch people’s attention.

14. Golden Star
Nude nails are a classic manicure, but this design is an excellent way of adding your own touch to the design. The glitter and gold stars are fun and a nice idea to make them more special. This is a perfect design for festive seasons, especially if you like to keep your manicure relatively neutral.
15. Cosmic Black
As we said earlier, matte nails are very classy and are so popular right now. This design is creative; it’s fun and a perfect design for you to give a go. The contrast between the black, white, and nude is bold and stands out well. The different design on each nail is a great way to add a bit of uniqueness to the manicure.
16. Burgundy Serpent
Burgundy nails are a beautiful nail design, and mixed with a pink shade is a nice blend. The two colours together are great for all year round as the two colours create a great balance. The small gold detail on an accent nail makes the manicure look more luxurious and chic.

17. Red Jewels
This design is so unique and perfect design if you want your nails to make a statement. The red against the light nude pops and is very eye-catching. The jewel detail is very glamorous and such a nice touch to the manicure. This is perfect for special occasions, especially during the festive seasons.

18. Charcoal Shimmer
This design is very chic and classy, the charcoal black and grey colours are a great contrast. The black glitter tip is a nice way of making them more dressy. Having the creature of a bare nail is the perfect way of adding balance to the manicure; black can be harsh sometimes, so it helps brighten the design more

19. Coffee Cup
Having different colours on each nail is such a great trend this season and is perfect if you can’t decide what colour to get; the different shades of brown look very rich and chic. This design is perfect all year round and can be perfect for both everyday and special occasions.

21. Gold Lavender
This bright purple is a bold, confident colour and is a great colour to go for if you are looking to have a statement manicure. The small gold details pair really nicely with the purple.

22. Animal Tips
Tip designs are something that everyone is opting for, and it’s a perfect design. This animal print against a nude nail adds so much detail and texture. It’s not too over the top as the bare nail balances it out.

23. Red Lava
This red and yellow marble design is such a statement design, and we are all loving it. The mix of the two colours works well together and almost blend in together as you can see with orange bits. This manicure, for sure, will have everyone talking.

24. White Snowflakes
Animal prints are an on-trend design, and this is a great way to wear them. Tip designs are great; the white and black cow print against the nude nail really stands, but it’s the small details that make this design. The white dot detailing and the snowflakes are such a unique touch and a great way of tailoring it to what you want.

25. Half & Half
This half and half design is quirky and not a design we see too much. The two popular designs of a classic white tip and rose quartz mixed into one nail design are such a creative idea. The white glitter line is a nice finishing touch to the design; this is the perfect design for those who want to be different but still have a classic design.

26. Embossed Designers
The shade gradient is very popular, and this is a chic, sophisticated manicure to go for. The abstract design adds texture to the nails and creates a statement effect to the design.