Watch: Somizi responds to claims that he stole idea of show ‘Dinner at Somizi’


Watch: Somizi responds to claims that he stole idea of show ‘Dinner at Somizi’

Somizi has been at the focal point of an online media commotion after claims of robbery were leveled against him. Hastings Moeng claims that the idea of Dinner at Somizi’s was his and blames Somgaga for taking it.

A screen capture of the show’s proposition shared by a Twitter client @Eusebius became famous online. It is of an email composed by Hastings Moeng, sent to Somizi and Themba on July 28 2014, proposing a preparing show Dinner Kwa Somizi.

The Idols SA judge’s quiet was noisy regardless of moving the entire day and not tending to the charges not even in a tiny smidgen.

In any case, on Instagram he posted a video of himself treating his face by wearing a face veil and singing a long to Kelly Khumalo’s hit single Empini.

In the verses Kelly tends to haters who would prefer not to see others succeed. Somizi began his video at the exact instant where it appears like he is coordinating the message at the allegations.

An aspect of the verses state “Don’t you realize that individuals would prefer not to see others succeed? They get amazed, they hurt you while gazing at you directly in the eyes… “

His adherents were partitioned with some communicating their failure at his quietness with others needing answers. He was likewise confronted with another allegation by a client who passes by the name Kea Mogetse who composed:

@keamogetse45: “he takes individuals’ thoughts Vele he did that to me early this year ,subsequent to testing out a plan to him he went for it and made it his , but since it was a greater amount of a ngo thing, I couldn’t have cared less a lot despite the fact that I was harmed , my affection for him changed then his a criminal, feel sorry for I don’t have Twitter I was likewise going to be there firearms bursting, I trust he pays”

@miss_mercy1: “How significant is this tune to you at the present time?? Jesus, I surmise you’re honest till demonstrated blameworthy. A few of us will simply sit right and watch”

@ndingu_amanda: “It isn’t clever. On the off chance that you have any string of conventionality and uprightness, come intensely and deny the claims or concede you weren’t right and do directly by the person. You an untrustworthy human, you are not in every case right. Being gotten out when you are incorrect isn’t HATE.”

“On 28 July 2014, Hastings Moeng proposed DinnerAtSomizis to Somizi and Themba. The portrayal of the show is substantially like the one currently flighted (to the stun of Mr Moeng). See the 2014 email underneath and choose for yourself,” composed the Twitter client.

He proceeded with the tweet by saying, “On 2 September 2016 Hastings Moeng kept in touch with Legend (the current maker) with an outline for #DinnerAtSomizis . You can see the treatment rundown underneath. What’s more, decide for yourself. For what reason is IP robbery so overflowing in diversion? Multichoice is being demure regardless of being demonstrated this.”


– ZAlebs