Healthy Nutrition And Its Importance To Human Health

People often miss the most important issue of healthy nutrition.

Healthy nutrition in human life .is one of the most important things affecting both human and physical health.

The societies that have overlooked this issue suffer from many problems.

including the problem of delayed educational achievement among some students in schools.

as well as the emergence of problems of developmental. and motor delays in children.

as well as anemia diseases caused by poor or inadequate nutrition.

The provision of a meal full of vitamins and minerals for humans remains a challenge for many societies., especially the poor.

The importance of healthy nutrition. in the life of the individual lies in several aspects of life, including the following in this article.

The importance of healthy nutrition:

Proper nutrition has a role in giving people the ability to concentrate and learn.

At every stage of life., man needs the energy that enables him to concentrate, think and learn., and this energy undoubtedly comes from food and proper nutrition.

Glucose, for example, which is produced by digestion of food., is used to supply the body’s cells with the energy needed to build tissues.,

compensate damaged cells, and obtain the energy needed to carry out various life activities.


Also, many types of food contribute to the mental health of the human mind.

and increase the ability to think and focus on the example of a nut that contains the elements of phosphorus.,

which nourishes the brain cells and strengthen them in addition to its many benefits.

Proper nutrition plays a role in the mental health of the human being.

Contemporary life and the responsibilities. and duties it carries on the person cause him a lot of anxiety.

and tension that may develop into psychological diseases such as depression and so on.

Proper nutrition contributes to the improvement of a person’s psychological.

state by containing certain foods on important nutrients such as vitamin D and vitamin B12.

Seafood and fish contain many nutrients. that makes a person feel psychologically healthy.

Have a role in the prevention of many diseases., scientists have found that there are foods that contribute to the prevention of cancer.,

for example, such as broccoli, and the fruit of cream., dark vegetables, and others.